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Party Super Bowl Style on a Super Small Budget!

Keep it Casual
Super Bowl Party Decorations First and foremost: Super Bowl parties are casual by nature. Luckily for your wallet, that means there’s no need to go above and beyond with fancy food and pricey decorations.

DIY Decorations
Cut the cost for your party by getting some inexpensive supplies (you might already have some) and making decorations yourself. Try these ideas for decorating your snack or dessert table like a football field:

  • Start with a green tablecloth and white paint (acrylic or water based will work fine). Using a ruler, paintbrush, and stencil add the yard lines and numbers to the tablecloth.
  • Super Bowl Party Decorations
  • Create a banner like the one pictured on the right. You can find paint, paper, fabric, and felt at any craft store to make this. Paint or glue a yellow field goal on the banner, string some triangular flags in your team’s colors, and use a stencil and scrapbook paper to cut out numbers and phrases to add to your display.
  • Hang the banner behind table or from the front of the table.

Also try: fabric ribbon in your team’s colors and double-sided tape to decorate cups, serving dishes, water bottles, and more.

Football Food
Put a Super Bowl spin on food—your guests will love it! These snacks won’t cost you any more than they would without the football theme:

  • Football chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Yard line popcorn
  • Football cupcakes
Super Bowl Chocolate Covered Strawberries Super Bowl Popcorn Super Bowl Cupcakes