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Five Ways To Save Money When You Have a New Baby

As any new parent will tell you, once you bring home a new baby, you’re faced with countless, daunting new expenses. Who knew such a tiny creature would come with such a hefty price tag attached! Well, here are several tips for caring for your precious bundle of joy without breaking the bank.

Ask for coupons and free samples. Ask for these during your hospital stay when you give birth, as well as at the pediatrician’s office. They often are happy to give you free formula, diapers, hats, bulb syringes, and so on. Your pediatrician’s office may give out sign-up cards for a free one-year subscription to a parenting magazine. You’ll be glad you signed up because these magazines usually feature helpful articles for a new parent, along with coupons for useful products.

Nurse if you can. This will save you thousands of dollars otherwise spend on formula. Even if you can nurse part of the time and supplement with formula, this will both save you money and provide valuable nourishment for your baby. Need help with breastfeeding? Find a La Leche League chapter near you. Consultants will often come to your home for a consultation free of charge.

Accept hand-me-downs! Your newborn definitely does not need expensive brand-name clothes! He will outgrow them before you blink. If you’re fortunate enough to get hand-me-downs, accept them with thanks. You just saved a bundle. If you need to purchase baby clothes, give the second-hand stores a try. You’ll likely come out with all you need at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to buy clothes online, look for coupon codes and online discounts first! A good place to check first is CoolSavings’ Online Coupons page.

Compare prices on baby furniture and other necessities. The CoolSavings’ Compare Prices page allows you to search by countless items, to see where you can get the best online deals. Search categories include toys, baby furniture, baby clothes, baby shoes, strollers, and many more.

Think ahead. Remember, it’s never too early to start saving for your child’s education. You’ll thank yourself down the line. Read some helpful info here on saving for college.